Letterpress Cylinder Printing Machine

Many visitors were curious about the antique Letterpress Cylinder Printing Machine which was displayed in Gallery 4 of the Memorial Hall.

This hundred-year-old Letterpress Cylinder Printing Machine manufactured in Japan, can still be operated using a foot pedal today; it belongs to the Soo Peng Hang Press in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

The SYSNMH team first learnt about the Letterpress Cylinder Printing Machine from a newspaper report in Malaysia; the article featured five antique printing machines residing with the Soo Peng Hang Press. After numerous visits and negotiations with the Soo family, the team eventually gained their trust and agreed to loan one of their printing machines to the Memorial Hall for our re-opening.

Meeting the descendants of Tan Chor Lam

On 14 March 2011, the Memorial Hall’s team contacted Ms Low-Song Fong Chiau, Ms Wyatt Pauline Tan, and Ms Ellen Low, descendants of Mr Tan Chor Lam, as part of its research efforts on Dr. Sun’s local supporters. The three ladies provided the Memorial Hall’s team with valuable insights and information about Mr Tan Chor Lam and even loaned the Memorial Hall’s artefacts such as Mr Tan’s pocket watches, ink stab, personal seal and family photographs, as well as the books which Mr Tan had given to his daughters.