Permanent Galleries

The Memorial Hall has five galleries occupying the two floors of the colonial villa. It has been decorated like an old Peranakan house to give visitors a sense of how it might have looked like when Dr. Sun Yat Sen resided there.

The Memorial Hall was revamped in 2011 and enhanced in 2013 with a new storyline, original artefacts never exhibited before, and multimedia displays to provide visitors a unique experience every time they visit the museum.

Gallery 1

The first gallery of Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall introduces the history of the villa and how it got its name of Wan Qing Yuan. It also features the lives and contributions of Teo Eng Hock, Lim Nee Soon and Tan Chor Lam, the three key supporters of Dr. Sun Yat Sen in Singapore.

Gallery 2

Nanyang played a crucial role in the success of the 1911 Revolution. This gallery explores the reasons Dr. Sun Yat Sen chose Singapore as his overseas revolutionary base and the role played by Singapore as the headquarters of the revolutionary movement (Tong Meng Hui or Chinese Revolutionary Alliance) in Southeast Asia.

Gallery 3

Gallery 3 highlights the socio-political developments after the success of the 1911 Revolution and as experienced by the Chinese community in Singapore and Malaya. The death of Dr. Sun Yat Sen marked the conclusion of this gallery.

Gallery 4

Gallery 4 explores the changes that swept across the Chinese world as a result of the 1911 Revolution. In particular, the impact on commerce, education and vernacular literature of the Singapore Chinese community is elaborated.

Gallery 5

Gallery 5 is a dedicated space to hold temporary exhibitions which complements the storyline in the permanent galleries. Through presenting various thematic exhibitions, Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall hopes to give its visitors a different perspective to Dr. Sun Yat Sen, Nanyang and the 1911 Revolution every time they visit.